Sunday, October 10, 2010

Review of the lab...

Technology is something that has a significant impact on social capital, whether in a positive or negative way.  In my case, I found that being without my phone for 36 hours was a good thing.  It made me connect more with what was going on around me, rather than being distracted by whoever I was chatting with on the phone.  During my days without my phone, I was less preoccupied, and more talkative and present in the conversations I was having in real life.  I enjoyed this lab immensely, and it made me think more about which was more important to me: having good, real life conversations and meeting new people face to face, or texting my friends at home.  I've decided that if the text can wait, it will, if I'm spending time or talking to other people in real life.


  1. It's interesting how people got mad at us doing this lab. Apparently they are more attached to their cell phones than we are.

    -- Jesse Sykes

  2. I haven't had a cell phone until recently, and i find it interesting that I don't rely on it that awfully much, but my friends and family do. I wonder if it was the same with you?

  3. I am both surprised and unsurprised at other people's reaction to these (as Jesse said...) origionally, at home my parents would just tell me to put it away, that it stopped me from truley living in this world. Now, when my phone dies, or i neglect to call...they (or my friends) tell me to pay attention to them, to use my phone. i enjoyed how this brought this into perspective!!!!

  4. I had a very similar experience with my cell phone.
    But I felt free! Like it was all okay and that I didnt have some strange responsibility.